The Earth Frequency Generator

7.83 / 3.92 Hz Harmonic Scalar Wave Generator

Energetic Balancing for the new Millenium!

Perfect for airplane travellers for alleviation of Jet Lag and other symptoms!

We proudly introduce to you the new Dual Earth Frequency Generator. This product utilizes advanced micro digital technology with foundations set over 100 years ago by the Electrical pioneer and wizard Nikola Tesla. Tesla set the groundwork for what is often referred to today as Scalar Wave Technology; Tesla called them Non-Hertzian Waves. The idea of Nikola Tesla transmitting the resonant frequency of the earth's atmosphere (originally measured by Schumann to be 7.83 cycles per second thus called the Schumann Resonance) on a Scalar wave was first brought forth by Dr. Andrija Puharich who decided to attempt to engineer it into the working mechanism of a watch. The late doctor may have achieved this but the production models seem unreliable today. State of the art digital technology coupled with engineering ingenuity bring the new model "Dual Earth Frequency Generator" or EFG. Earth Frequency Generator

The EFG is about the size of an average sized cell phone; it fits in the palm of your hand. It uses a precision miniaturized mobius coil to transmit a 7.83 Hz (cycles per second) signal on a Scalar Wave Pulse. This method of propagating the signal makes it much more intense than expected considering the power level. The energy field generated from the EFG is designed for it's energy balancing effects. Some users may experience feeling more "grounded" when near the EFG and people are usually less affected by external electro-magnetic or other detrimental fields. The new EFG has a second mode called the "sleep" mode which runs at 3.93 Hz (instead of 7.83 Hz) for a relaxation effect. In either mode the EFG can also be used to "energize" beverages and foods. You may notice things are more flavorful after energizing for a minute or two. Place the unit on the substance to be energized. The unit runs on 2 - AAA 1.5 Volt batteries and will run for weeks or months on one set of batteries.

To insert the batteries remove the screw on the back of the EFG and open the back panel. Insert the AAA batteries in the slots and replace the back panel and the screw.

  1. Push the ON button when you put in the batteries.

  2. The green and yellow LED will blink one second when the button is not pushed.

  3. When the green LED starts to blink the EFG is active in the 7,83 Hz frequency. The EFG will stay at this frequency. (low Alpha)

  4. When you push the ON button again (minimum 0,3 second) both LEDs (green and yellow) will blink. This is the 3,92 HZ activating relaxing and sleep, after 30 minutes the EFG will go automatically back to the Earth Frequency of 7,83 Hz.

  5. When you push the ON button again, the yellow led will blink, the 3,92 frequency (sleep activator). After 30 minutes the EFG will stop.

  6. When you push the ON button again, both LEDs will blink after each other, and after one second the EFG will stop. You can only do point 6 when the EFG is in the mode in point 5.

  7. To save energy when the EFG is on, after a few seconds the LEDs will blink after a longer time period.

Earth Frequency Generator
Harmonic Scalar Wave Generator


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